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Easy Independent Personal Hygiene with No Rinse Products Topic: Activities of Daily Living
By now youíve seen the commercials for no fuss, no mess and no water hair shampooing; the ones with the fashion models swinging their freshly and dryly washed gorgeous locks around ready for a new day in half their normal prep time. While No Rinse shampoos have been making a comeback on the low mai...
Published: Saturday 17 March, 2012
Remembering Medications is Easy with Pill Organizers and Accesso Topic: Health Maintenance
Most people that take daily medication manage to do so without any assistance. However, taking medication only when needed versus as needed is a concern when it comes to senior citizens and loved ones with either busy lives or impaired judgment. Skipping medication can have life determining conseque...
Published: Sunday 15 January, 2012
Exercise Is the Key to Surviving a Stroke Topic: Health Maintenance
Experts in the health-care field feel that the benefits of exercise after a stroke bring increased endurance physically but psychologically as well. There have been studies that lead many of those experts to believe that survivors of strokes will stave off the possibility of future strokes with the ...
Published: Sunday 15 January, 2012
Pillow Your Body in Comfort with the Right Support Pillow Topic: Activities of Daily Living
If you have ever awakened with a back ache or neck pain, or if you toss and turn all night, not able to fall asleep or stay asleep, you know how miserable it can make you feel. Starting off with a migraine, a headache or a stiff back does not make for a good day going forward. Sleeping with your spi...
Published: Sunday 15 January, 2012
Peddle Your Way to Healthy! Topic: Activities of Daily Living
Did you make an announcement that your New Yearís Resolution was to exercise more, but you just canít get motivated in the summer heat? Not to mention our busy schedules, who has time to go to the gym? Have you considered buying a pedal exerciser? They can give you a full-body workout and help impro...
Published: Wednesday 27 July, 2011
Role of Kitchen Aides in the Health of People with Limited Mobil Topic: Nutrition
Leading an independent lifestyle after a physical injury or illness or with degenerative disease progression can be a challenge. While day to day activities like getting dressed, personal hygiene and even tying oneís own shoe are vital to daily living, there is nothing more important than taking ca...
Published: Monday 14 February, 2011
The Life of Leisure for Those with Limited Mobility Topic: Activities of Daily Living
All work and no play can make for a really dull day! Are we right? Even if your day isnít full of work, not being able to enjoy regular leisure activities can have a bigger negative impact than most people realize. The work to play ratio becomes rapidly evident when something goes wrong with our he...
Published: Monday 14 February, 2011
Taking Control of Your Hand Therapy Topic: Health Maintenance
There are a surprising number of people who deal daily with hand and wrist pain. This can include pain from a hand injury or accident to pain from hand arthritis. Regardless of the source of the pain, getting through the day without the full use of your hands can make every task a challenge. The bes...
Published: Wednesday 15 December, 2010
Hip Replacement Surgery Topic: Health Maintenance
From severe hip joint pain caused by arthritis to a variety of other serious and mild hip joint pain symptoms, total hip replacement is a common solution to disorders that affect the hips. Hip anthroplasty is the name of this medical surgery that is often recommended for lasting improvements of hip...
Published: Sunday 07 November, 2010
Transfer Safety Topic: Care Givers
Providing care for an infirm loved one or client in the home can be a difficult situation for either a family or professional caregiver. Often you find yourself working alone, faced with the decision as to whether a move can safely be affected. The dangers of fall related injury can be avoided by ...
Published: Friday 27 August, 2010
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 22 articles) Result Pages:  1  2  3  [Next >>] 



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