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Role of Kitchen Aides in the Health of People with Limited Mobil

by Ed Dunning

Leading an independent lifestyle after a physical injury or illness or with degenerative disease progression can be a challenge.  While day to day activities like getting dressed, personal hygiene and even tying one’s own shoe are vital to daily living, there is nothing more important than taking care of one’s self in the kitchen.  Physical limitations should never be an excuse for poor nutrition or avoiding the kitchen.

No matter what age you are or what ailments you are suffering with, it is completely normal to crave independence in the home or from a caregiver.  The idea of making yourself a sandwich when you are hungry shouldn’t be burdened with guilt for having to trouble someone else for help.  Simple tasks like opening jars, washing dishes and even peeling vegetables can be hard for people with limited mobility and this feeling of helplessness can actually lead to poor eating habits

We all know the best foods are those that we prepare ourselves, but people with limited mobility often resort to fast foods or overly processed foods to maintain their independence.  Well, we are what we eat and this is a trend that needs to be addressed to keep healthy at the top of the priorities list.  There are many awesome kitchen aids to make life easier and much better for people with limited mobility.

One enormous obstacle for people with impaired flexibility is opening jars and cans.  Heck, they are hard for people without flexibility or mobility issues to open at times.  Cordless can openers and Good Grips Jar Openers can make this taxing task easy to handle.  Jar openers are a fairly new idea, but they work to pop the seal on most jars making them easier to turn.  Bagged fruits and vegetables often create problems in opening as well.  This too is totally avoidable by placing Bag Openers in handy spots throughout the kitchen.  Most Bag Openers come with a magnet making it easy to place them on the fridge and stove.  Having access to pantry supplies will definitely add health and independence to the life of a person with limited mobility or impaired flexibility, so make sure you have a Carex Easy Grabber on hand for reaching the good food on the shelves.

 While preparing food is one of the diet related issues for people with limited mobility and impaired hand movement, getting the food to one’s mouth is the most important part.  People suffering from hand arthritis have great difficulty manipulating eating utensils.  Good Grips has a complete line of kitchen aids to help with everything from slicing up an apple with Good Grip Knives to peeling nutrient rich vegetables and fruits with the Good Grip Peeler.

 There are so many other great kitchen aides for making cooking and preparing food independently an easy task for people with limited movement.  From Pan Holders to handles for those ½ Gallon containers that require a super grip to hold onto, the power of independence in the kitchen can be the difference between good nutrition and health and a slow recovery or faster digression.

This article was published on Monday 14 February, 2011.
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