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Yoga for beginners: 7 poses even newbies can do

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Yoga may feel a bit overwhelming when you are new to the program, but the truth is, newbies have many awesome poses to choose from that are less intimidating and more inviting into the yoga world. What are those poses? The 7 here are great to start with. These newbie poses are fun, beneficial, and not so difficult. You can save those poses for later down the road when you’re a bit more experienced and ready!  Another thought is to use a Norco Exercise Ball for sitting, standing or lying exercises. They are ideal for stretching and working to improve posture, balance, agility and strength.

Key Takeaways:

  • People are taken aback by the perceived difficulty of yoga
  • Stretching is important before doing any yoga poses to prevent injury
  • It is not hard to begin yoga with several simple poses

“Before attempting any of these poses, remember to do some stretches first. Preparing your muscles for what’s coming ahead will keep them in good shape during your entire yoga workout. Don’t risk pulling a hamstring by accident. Stretch beforehand.”

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