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How Writing Helps Me Fulfill a Greater Purpose in My Life With Illness

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For many writing can be a very bothersome chore to do, but for others writing is an out for many people to get their word out. Tiffany Early had dealt with an illness and she found that writing has really helped process her feelings. She had a lot to get off her chest during the time when she was undiagnosed. After the stress about being undiagnosed writing has made her an advocated regarding her illness. Lastly, writing was like a vacation for Tiffany. It is so stressful and crazy dealing with an illness that writing was her time to get away and to forget about everything that stressed her out at the time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Writing is a good way to just get away from all the conflict and craziness.
  • Writing is a way to let all your feelings out without giving a care.
  • It is good to jot down what you are feeling right then and there when you are feeling it!

“Being an advocate doesn’t mean picking fights – it means speaking up for others.”

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