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Why I’m OK Feeding My Kids Ice Cream Sandwiches as a Mom in Eating Disorder Recovery

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One person is okay with feeding their kids ice cream sandwiches as a mom that is in eating disorder recovery. When she posted about feeding her kids ice cream sandwiches, she got many responses that talked about how she should not give her kids junk food. She responded in a very professional way. Her message was that moderation is the key and she is trying her best to overcome her own eating disorder. Food is food.

Key Takeaways:

  • As an eating disorder survivor, McCall Dempsey believes that denial just creates more desire to splurge and eat privately.
  • She advocates moderation in eating, with neither an excess of so called healthy, or unhealthy food taking center stage constantly.
  • Dempsey believes it’s a good idea for kids to see their parents enjoying all different types of foods.

“When we deny our children certain foods, it creates a hierarchy of food and can possibly shame them from eating it in the future, associating the food with feelings of guilt.”

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