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Signature Life Sure Stand Security Pole

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What a great idea for mobility in any room of your house!  This tension mounted pole can help you get up or out of any piece of furniture.  The tension mounted feature allows this pole to be installed without drilling holes in the floor or ceiling.  That means that if you ever needed to move it to a new location you can without any negative impact.  The Sure Stand Security Pole can fit ceilings from 7 to 10 feet in height and even ceilings 12 feet in height with a separately ordered extension piece.  Poles can be used on flat ceilings or vaulted ceilings.  However, the vaulted ceilings must have the poles screwed in for obvious reasons.

These poles will hold up to 300 pounds and the handles can be placed anywhere 360 degrees on the pole and at most heights.  You can put one of these

poles in a location that may serve several uses. For instance, a pole placed in your bathroom at a strategic location can help you get off the toilet, get out of the shower and steady yourself while brushing your teeth.  This eliminates the need to get several other pieces of equipment like a raised toilet with handles and bath rails.  The strong pole is made from rust resistant aluminum with a durable anodized finish.  They come in two colors, Deep Bronze and Graphite, so matching them to any rooms décor would be easy.

Most people do not know that poles like these are even available and they never considered how helpful they could be. It took the creative minds of the Stander company to bring this product into our homes.  Once you see the Sure Stand Security Pole in our store, you will begin to see its possibilities.

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  • Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS May 13, 2017, 7:54 AM

    What a unique idea! I work in the DME area providing manual and power wheelchairs to the elderly and severely disabled and I am ashamed to admit I have never seen a product like this. A great application in my line of work is transferring from a toilet to a wheelchair. This could make stand and pivot transfers much easier by giving the user a firm place to hold onto while pivoting toward the wheelchair! Very nice!

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