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Signature Life Sleep Safe Home Bed Rail

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What a great bed rail this is!  It is a stylish bronze in color, not like the chrome hospital type bed rail or those plain white ones.  This rail will look great on the side of your bed when it is being used and can be folded down so it can be covered by a bedspread so it is totally out of sight.  When it is needed to keep you or a family member from falling out of bed, just lift it up into position.  This rail can extend in length and lock in place at 26, 34 and 42 inches.  The Sleep Safe Home Bed Rail fits between the mattress and box spring with a base that extends 25 inches in from the side of the bed.  The width of the base extends from 18 to 20 inches along the side of the bed.  Then to ensure that the rail cannot slide off the bed, there is a safety strap that extends from the ends of the base and can be secured to the frame of the bed on the opposite side of the bed from the bed rail.  Few other bed rails have this safety feature.

What makes this bed rail so special is its ability to accommodate mattress heights of 12 inches to 18 inches.  Another feature that comes in very handy is the designer organizer pouch that fits on the rail.  This pouch can be used to keep magazines, TV remote, telephone, tissues, eyeglasses or snacks within easy reach.  The best thing about this pouch is that when the rail is folded down, all your goodies inside the pouch won’t fall out onto the floor.  How great is that!  You have to see this bed rail to appreciate its beauty and to feel how sturdy it is.  It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.  The Sleep Safe Bed Rail lives up to its name, for sure.

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