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Plant protein found to reduce reproductive health problems in women

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Plant protein has been found to reduce reproductive health problems in women. If you eat a high amount of veggie proteins from foods such as soy, tofu and whole grain and can protect women from the negative side effects of early menopause and prolong reproductive function. The people who were doing the research observed the relationship between diet and early menopause risk among members of the Nurses Health Study 2. The study was comprised of 116,000 women.

Key Takeaways:

  • Early onset menopause is found in one out of every twenty women, and it can be activated due to natural causes, or induced by environmental ones.
  • Women who eat red meat without adding vegetables to their diets routinely are at even more risk. A diet prominent in red meat can increase your risk by 12%.
  • Although doctors used to indicate that high amounts of protein in one’s diet can lead to early onset menopause, they are now finding that it actually decreases the risk.

“According to the study, a one-percent increase in plant-based protein is equivalent to a six-percent decrease in the chances of early onset menopause which typically occurs at age 45.”

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