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Pediatric brain tumors

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Pediatric brain tumors, growths of cells in or near the brain, are a significant concern, but their impacts and treatments varies widely depending on the case. These tumors manifest much differently in children than they do in adult brains, and thus specialized treatment is needed. It’s additionally very important to note that brain tumors, especially pediatric brain tumors, are being continually studied, and have continually changing treatment recommendations and technologies. It’s best to seek expertise as soon after diagnosis as possible.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brain tumors vary in type with some being benign while others are cancerous.
  • Key factors for determining treatment are the type of tumor, it’s location in the brain and the child’s age and condition of health.
  • The Mayo Clinic makes use of a therapy that uses a Proton Beam.

“Treatment for pediatric brain tumors is typically quite different from treatment for adult brain tumors, so it’s very important to enlist the expertise and experience of pediatric specialists.”

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