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Patients found to recover more quickly once they remove hospital gowns

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How do hospital gowns affect recovery? You wouldn’t think they would since it’s just a garment but this shows that recovery apparently speeds up once they are removed. Why is this? It is very interesting to think about the possible reasons. Are these gowns bad for our health or is it just psychological. Feeling good could affect our recovery. We might feel sicker in a gown so our bodies reflect that. It is common for emotions to affect the body.

Key Takeaways:

  • Patients in the study were told to complete their hospital recovery wearing their own clothes, once they were able.
  • The study found that patients who wore their own clothes recovered more quickly.
  • This could have many benefits for improving hospital care, especially for the elderly.

“According to Anne-Marie Riley, deputy chief nurse of operations at NUH, patients who stay in their pajamas for longer than they need have a higher risk of infection, mobility loss, fitness and strength reduction, and longer hospital stays.”

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