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Meditation Really Is As Good As Your Crunchy Friends Say

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Meditation is a really good thing to try. One person had a very bad panic attack when they were only six years old. They felt as if they were going to die and this is something that has followed them through life. Anxiety has been a big part of their life since that incident. Many people may not know that meditation is a great way to help ease anxiety. There are many benefits associated with meditation.

Key Takeaways:

    • Meditation, particularly, mindful meditation, can be an alternative treatment for anxiety and depression.
    • Mindful mediation, in essence, challenges the practitioner to notate negative or harmful thoughts or feelings, rather than simply act on them.
  • Health professionals who may have been trained in traditional methods for addressing anxiety and depression, are themselves exploring the possibilities that mindful meditation offers.

“The truth is there has been an impressive amount of medical studies that have successfully determined the value of mindful meditation on mental health.”

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