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Magnesium Supplements Found to Prevent Bone Fractures

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Bone fractures can occur from many different things. It is not something that anyone wants to experience, especially someone who is of an older age. A bone fracture becomes so much more serious as a person ages. One way that you can minimize the risk of sustaining bone fractures is with the use of a magnesium supplement on a regular basis. What is so special about this supplement and how can it be of benefit to your bone health?

Key Takeaways:

  • Low magnesium concentration can be improved in patients with certain supplements
  • Certain conditions and problems may lead the body to not absorb magnesium
  • Low blood levels of magnesium are common and can lead to weaker bones

“New research has found that magnesium supplements could hold the key to stronger bones in middle-aged and elderly people. Published in the European Journal of Epidemiology, the study has suggested that low magnesium concentration in the body can lead to increased risk of bone fractures.”

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