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Italian village where most live to be 100 reveals the secret to a long life

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A cardiologist studying a remote Italian village, Pioppi, summarizes that a diet low in sugar and high in beneficial fats may be the key to living a longer, healthier life. Dr. Malhotra reported that residents lived to be over 100. Their lifestyle was very low stress and included a healthy amount of sleep. This diet style that the residents practiced agreed with studies from 2016 showing that diet plan was effective in reducing heart attacks and strokes in patients with heart disease.

Key Takeaways:

  • A healthy diet can lead to greater health benefits than most medicine.
  • Social values and culture can play an important role in ones health.
  • Living a healthy lifestyle does not always have to relate to exercise and dieting.

“The main message is that some foods — and particularly fruit and vegetables — seem to lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes, and this benefit is not explained by traditional risk factors such as good and bad cholesterol or blood pressure.”

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