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How yoga, meditation benefit the mind and body

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Yoga and meditation both do a world of good for you. Yoga and meditation have become more and more popular in the Western world. They have benefits that are both physical and non physical. There is current research that suggests yoga and meditation can boost your overall well being and your resilience to stress. There are so many other benefits that you get from practicing yoga and meditation. It can help with low back pain too.  An excellent way of strengthening the back is to use an Exercise Ball.

Key Takeaways:

  • Practitioners in the West are interested in the impact that yoga may have on psychological and physiological well being.
  • There is some research that shows that yoga might strengthen the immune system.
  • It is unclear though, if practicing yoga itself, is beneficial, or if its the lifestyle of many faithful yoga practitioners, that is actually beneficial to you psychologically and physiologically.

“Current research also suggests that meditating and doing yoga can boost overall well-being and resilience to stress factors.”

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