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How to tell if you’ve had a good night’s sleep

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There is a way to tell whether, or not you have had a very good night’s sleep. 35 percent of adults get less than 7 hours of sleep every night. There are some factors that lead to getting a good sleep at night. if you fall asleep in 30 minutes, or less, then that is a good sign. Waking up for under 5 minutes once a night is another really good sign. If it takes more than an hour to fall asleep, this is a bad sign.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sleep experts have a variety of metrics that they rely upon to define good sleep and bad sleep.
  • In general, good sleep entails falling asleep quickly, and staying asleep; bad sleep in turn entails taking a long time to falling asleep, and not staying asleep.
  • Sleep trackers monitor your sleep, to give you a picture of your sleep habits. But, for many people, their perception of their sleep is different from what a tracker would suggest.

“The study found that two factors made the biggest contribution to the participants’ perceived sleep quality: the number of times a person woke during the night, and how much time they had spent asleep during the previous night.”

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