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Beets Superfood

How to Harvest an Endless Supply of Beets From Your Back Yard

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Beets are a super food that one can grow in there own backward and have an endless supply of this super-food in there home. Beets can be grown in either indoor and outdoor environments.
If you decide to grow them indoors then you have four basic steps to follow. The first one being to ready your container either a pot or plastic container at least seventeen inches in depth, then drill water drain holes in the bottom of the container and set it on a dish of sorts to catch the leaking excess water. The next step is to plant the seeds. You want to plant them one fourth of an inch deep and roughly one foot apart. Then you need to cultivate the plant which can take approximately seventeen days, and its important to remember they need a cool environment with a lot of sunlight. The last step is the harvest which should be done when the beat is between the size of a tennis ball and golf ball.
Now if you grow them outdoors you first need to make sure you have nutrient soil and its at least fifty degrees. Once that’s completed then you need to plant your seeds roughly half and inch deep and at least eight inches apart. They also need a lot of moisture so be sure to water them regularly when weather is dry, and your beets will be ready to harvest when they are between the size of a golf ball and a tennis ball.
Beetroot is the super-food that we commonly refer to as beets, it is a rich source of both vitamin A&C as well as iron. They also have an anti-inflammatory compound that is know to have a variety of good health contributions.  Eating beets in addition to certain other vegetables has been shown to provide many benefits to the brain as does doing certain activities such as solving crossword puzzles, working on jigsaw puzzles and playing card games.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is very possible to plant beets both indoors or outdoors.
  • Beets are a superfood that are full of essential vitamins and minerals
  • Those who have high blood pressure may benefit from beetroot juice

“Beets have also been shown to keep certain health conditions in check. According to researchers at the Wake Forest University, drinking beetroot juice helps improve blood flow and oxygenation in certain areas of the brain affected by age.”

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