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Groundbreaking study reveals high-intensity interval training may be the key to slowing aging

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Compared to sedentary persons, those who did strength training in various intervals or non-interval in a study were found to have a higher muscle mass and over all health. Participants who underwent a regiment of high-intensity interval training were found to have had the largest improvement in health, over all. Some interval trainees having a reverse in mitochondrial age and reduction in reversing protein levels. Over all, those who participated in interval training saw a rise in positive health and lowering of side effects of chronic illnesses.

Key Takeaways:

  • High-intensity interval training can inhibit cellular aging and reduce disability rates.
  • Some female patients practicing high-intensity interval training found pain relief in the program.
  • A recent study suggested even doing high-intensity interval training once or twice a week can improve overall health.

“Participants who underwent high-intensity interval training also exhibited significant improvements in insulin levels, cardiovascular, and lung health.”

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