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How good is my doctor? Awards, acronyms, and anecdotes…Oh my

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Many doctors offices have an array of awards or best of in a certain area etc. For the most part these are meaningless, unless given by a respected association or certain groups of medical professionals. Nonetheless patients buy into them. Along with meaningless awards, doctors may also have an array of letters following those which describe his or her basic title, such a “M.D” for medical doctor. These after title letters can mean anything from a certified field of study (and practice) to an extra copay. They can also apply to the occasionally sexist field of dentistry and the titles belonging to them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be wary of any award, or citation that is issued by a publication company.
  • Legitimate awards and citations are awarded by an actual physician’s group or medical group.
  • A top ten listing does not mean much when there are ten, or fewer, physicians within the specified specialty, working in the designated area, to begin with.

“Despite the lack of meaning behind these awards of recognition, there are some people who do buy these things to decorate their offices, which makes patients feel like they are seeing a great doctor.”

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