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How Freelancing Helps Me Accept My Depression

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Society doesn’t allow or condone the lost man-hours caused by depression. Depression forces otherwise onto otherwise productive workers an inability to work. This isn’t everyday mind you but these lost days are not elective. Society, unfortunately would view this loss of productivity as laziness. It’s not.

The schedule of a freelancer allows those suffering from depression, the flexibility to have bad days. When one just wakes up and knows, both from experience and by self assessment, that this day will be a bad day, the ability to set one’s own hours is a godsend.

Key Takeaways:

  • Freelancing allows her to have the freedom to have off days. And to work at her pace and when she can.
  • Society and even ourselves can make us feel bad for not being productive and being lazy. But having depression or a disorder can make that hard .
  • We have to love ourselves and have acceptance with the way things are. And push through and find satisfaction in what we can do.

“Human nature does not readily accept that a bad day or what is called “laziness” is natural.”

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