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FDA okays do-it-yourself DNA tests for 10 diseases… but genetics alone can’t control your health

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23andme is now approved by the FDA to sell their do it yourself home genetic tests for 199 dollars. The test is sent to your home with a tube that collects your saliva. You then register the bar code on the tube and send back to the company and you should get your test results within 8 weeks. This can be a good thing if the person fully understands what they are purchasing. If they do not it can cause problems as they do not provide counseling like a doctors office and the test is not fully accurate nor does it guarantee that you will not get the diseases you are tested for.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although genetics can help us know health risks, much of our health remains in our own hands.
  • Kits that look at our DNA and give us information about our genetics are now available to purchase from a company called 23 and me.
  • These tests can help parents know the risks they have that could negatively effect their children and give them information about risks associated with having children.

“The process of taking the tests is relatively simple. Customers select their choice of tests from an online selection. A saliva collection kit is then dispatched and received by the client within three to five days”

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