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Engagement with nature contributes to overall life satisfaction

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This talks about how interacting with nature can help you feel better over all in your life. Nature has long been seen to have therapeutic qualities so this is no surprise. It can help with depression and more. If you go out and are active it can be good for your heart and can help you lose weight. There are many reasons to commune with nature. Everyone should try to do this as much as they can.

Key Takeaways:

  • An online survey initiated in Washington state, which generated more than 4000 replies, was then analyzed by a group of professors.
  • 13 different, specific metrics were used to assess the overall life satisfaction of those surveyed relevant to time spent and quality of engagement with the outdoors.
  • Interestingly, the aspect of trust in governance, as it related to stewardship of the outdoors, was an important indicator of overall life satisfaction, according to the study.

“New research at Oregon State University empirically demonstrates that a variety of mechanisms for engaging nature significantly contribute to a person’s overall well-being.”

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