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Elephants are conscious beings with BODY awareness, new experiments reveal… are they smarter than humans?

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Elephants are very smart animals. They have a sense of self-awareness. This is a remarkable feat, considering humans do not develop this awareness until at least two years old. The standard test used to determine levels of self-awareness is having the animals look into a mirror. This method has its flaws, so Cambridge researchers developed a new test called the stick-and-mat test. This was tested on elephants and it showed that they are remarkably self-aware. The study was published in Scientific Reports.

Key Takeaways:

  • The level of intelligence in Elephants continues to be confirmed with this study
  • There are skeptics to the self-awareness test such as environmentalists and animal behaviorists
  • There were a total of twelve elephants that were included in the study which is not enough in my opinion

“The standard test for self-awareness for both animals and young children is the mirror self-recognition test; that is, understanding that the reflection is their own.”

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