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Eat Better, Live Longer

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It is true that what you are is what you eat. If you put good in you get good out. It just makes sense. This talks about how eating can affect your life span. The better you eat the longer you are likely to live. This will make you more likely to choose healthy food options. You want to be healthier and don’t want to die early so try to substitute unhealthy foods for better ones.

Key Takeaways:

  • Research indicates that improving your diet may prevent cardiovascular death.
  • Improving your diet means not only avoiding unhealthy foods, but also eating healthier options.
  • Although starting a new diet is difficult, one solution may be government taxes on unhealthy eating options.

“They estimated that the biggest contributors to the premature cardiovascular deaths of more than 220,000 men and about 190,000 women were due to high consumption of salt and trans fat (a particularly unhealthy form of unsaturated fat”

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