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Diesel fumes’ nanoparticles cause heart disease by just BREATHING polluted city air

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Driving in heavy traffic causes you to breathe in toxic fumes from other vehicles and diesel big rigs. With roads becoming more and more crowded this is a growing concern. This can lead to health issues that are similar to those seen in smokers. If you spend a lot of time in traffic consider finding a job closer to home so you avoid being in traffic. Work from home jobs are also becoming more popular as it saves time and reduces health risks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Breathing in diesel fumes can lead to heart disease and other diseases.
  • Researchers found nanoparticles from diesel fume not only damages the good HDL cholesterol but can also be found in carotid plaques.
  • While diesel has become cleaner from toxic emissions, the risk is still high. The best solution to stay healthy is to move out of the city and to a more rural setting.

“Do you live in the city and have cancer, brain fog and breathing problems? You’re chain smoking metro diesel fumes”

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