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Deep breathing leads to stress relief, researchers find

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Neurons can lead to stress relief. A study found a link between specific neurons, breathing and certain states of mind, including relaxation. Deep in the brain the same cluster of specific neurons communicate with locus coeruleus, the area that calms and awakes us. Researchers believe, after finding in animals, that calm breathes trigger communications between the too causing the later to convince the body and mind that they are calm. The calm and slow breathing exercises, not unlike yoga, are hoped to help stressed patients in a clinical manner.

Key Takeaways:

  • “Science,” the publication, published findings on March 31st that identified the cluster of neurons found within the brain stem.
  • Professor of Biochemistry, Dr. Mark Krasnow, calls this deeply situated cluster “the pacemaker for breathing.”
  • Professor of Neurobiology, Dr. Jack Feldman, first located this cluster in mice, in a study initiated in the 90s.

“Researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine and their colleagues have identified the exact neurons that link breathing and states of mind. These states of mind include attention, relaxation, anxiety, and excitement.”

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