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Cost of Long Term Care: 5 Ways Estimates Help Seniors and Caregivers

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There are many different options out there for those that need help caring for senior citizens. The costs of long term care for seniors has been increasing for some time now. Medicare does not actually cover long term care. Medicaid does include long term care, but you have to be qualified in order to receive it. It is important to understand how much long term care will cost you in the long run. Make sure to talk about it together as a family to figure everything out.


Key Takeaways:


  • It is known that long term care options for seniors are becoming some that is getting expensive, yet family caregivers still need help.
  • Some of the ways the family could provide long term care could involve hiring in-home care, or moving the seniors to assisted living homes.
  • Family care givers need to estimate and understand the future costs of care for seniors so that they can prepare for what is coming.

“We explain the misconception that the government will pay for long term care, what the average costs are, where to get a cost estimate (free, no strings), and 5 ways to use that estimate to plan for the future.”

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