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Ryan says to send health bill to Senate after CBO score

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An international news agency reports that the House of Representatives intends to send its recently passed health bill to the Senate after receiving a review by a budget office. The Speaker of the House expects to forward the bill by the end of May. The agency reports there is more opposition to the bill, which

Planned Parenthood to close four Iowa clinics after cuts

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An international news service reports that four clinics in Iowa that provide abortions will be closed by the end of June. The closings were announced by the clinics' parent organization due to loss of state funding to organizations that provide abortion. Eight clinics will continue to operate, but the news service does not state these

Democratic attorneys general seek to intervene in Obamacare case

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An international news agency website reports on the fact that sixteen attorneys general have filed a motion in a court case involving Obamacare. The Republican House of Representatives filed a lawsuit to block payments made to health insurance companies for Obamacare. These payments help poor Americans with their expenses not covered by insurance. Most of

Cholera kills two in Kenyan capital, five hospitalized: official

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The health news section of an online news website reports on an outbreak of cholera in Kenya. Two people died, while five are being treated. The five people who survived attended a wedding in the Nairobi area, while the others were from another district. The disease symptoms include severe diarrhea resulting in death unless treated

G20 health ministers agree to tackle antibiotics resistance

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At a summit in Germany, G20 health ministers agreed to focus on the issue of resistance to antibiotics, which has been increasing in recent years and proves a significant health concern to countries throughout the world, according to a recent report by the European Union. The G20 health ministers additionally gave priority to the issue

Philippines’ tough public smoking ban gets broad support

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Smoking bans are being put in place all over the world. This one is especially tough, though. It is getting approval from the public which means the citizens are OK with it. Public smoking doesn't just affect you the way smoking at your home does. Secondhand smoke affects others and most people think it's not