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India’s drug pricing regulator clamps down on drug cocktails

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An international news website reports that an Indian drug regulatory agency has asked sixty five national and international companies why they have been selling 300 types of drugs without government approval. Most of the drugs are used to treat diabetes and infections. They are mostly cocktail, or combination drugs. The companies include well known American

Bayer gets FDA priority review for blood cancer drug

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The FDA will be checking out this drug as a treatment for blood cancer. Since this is a problem for many it will help to have a treatment. The FDA makes sure a drug is safe enough before releasing it for everyone to use. They also find out which other drugs can interact and what

Weight loss tied to lower risk of knee joint degeneration

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It makes a lot of sense that weight loss would protect your knee joints from degeneration because if you weigh less you won't have as much to carry around. Your knees won't be taxed as heavily. If you are worried about your knees you should look into a routine for weight loss. This can include