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Brain patterns hold key to stress-related cardiovascular risk

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Your brain is the organ which tells your whole body what to do, and problems with it can contribute to many other health problems. Cardiovascular risks due to stress are among these. If patterns in the brain are studied it shows a link. These risks go up if you feel stressed a lot. This is not good for your heart. It makes your heart have to work harder to pump blood. This means oxygen isn’t getting around your body with ease.

Key Takeaways:

  • Scientists are beginning to investigate the role the brain plays in our stress responses, particularly in people with cardiovascular disease.
  • Varying people react to stressors in different ways. While some people have major spikes in their blood pressure, other people don’t experience the same thing.
  • So, far scientists do know that an array of parts of the brain are involved in producing cardiovascular responses to stress.

“Researchers believe that differences in the patterns of activity across the brain areas for visceral control might account for individual variation in stress-produced cardiovascular responses, and, therefore, stress-related cardiovascular risk.”

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