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Box breathing for anxiety: Techniques and tips

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Box breathing can help with anxiety. It can help calm you. This may be preferable to some who don’t want to take medications since those can change your mood. Many hate the side effects. Box breathing doesn’t have them. Tips for this are given here so you can try it and can do it correctly. There are right and wrong ways to do it if you want it to help you. Anxiety can be very hard to treat so this is helpful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Box breathing is a four step process that helps people with anxiety. This keeps oxygen flowing to the brain and slows the minds racing thoughts.
  • Anxiety can be treated by other methods such as therapy and drugs as well as breathing techniques.
  • Being mindfull of your breathing helps people with anxiety not to tense up and be aware of how there body is reacting.

“Controlled, slow breaths can support a regained sense of control, offering relief from anxiety and panic attacks.”

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