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Blocking the ‘love hormone’ may reduce social anxiety

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Blocking the love hormone can actually help to reduce social anxiety. Oxytocin is known as the love hormone. This is a chemical and it got its name because we secrete it when we are snuggled up with our loved ones, or stare into their eyes. There are other pro social benefits that oxytocin gives us. It was found to promote social behavior in people that have been diagnosed with autism. It can also increase our empathy for others.

Key Takeaways:

  • By blocking or inhibiting the hormone Oxytocin from being secreted we may be able to provide a therapies for people who have experienced traumatic social interactions
  • Heightened levels of oxytocin encourage the positive effects of healthy social interactions.
  • It is possible that oxytocin may be a viable replacement for anti-depressants which typically require that one take them for a longer period of time in order for them to be effective

“A new study in the journal Biological Psychiatry suggests that inhibiting the hormone oxytocin may help people to recover from unpleasant, stressful, or traumatic social situations.”

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