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Binge Drinking Continues to Rise — Particularly Among Women and Seniors

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Binge drinking is very unsafe. It is where someone drinks a lot of alcohol quickly and in one period of time. Apparently women and seniors are doing this more. This can have some very nasty affects on the body. It can hurt our liver and other organs. It can also poison our blood. It is possible to die from one session of binge drinking. It has happened before and will happen again. If your blood alcohol level gets too high you can die.

Key Takeaways:

  • Among older women, the amount of drinkers and those who binge drink has been increasing according to studies from 1997-2014.
  • Two possible reasons for this increase may be due to a disappearance of social stigma and the increase of drinking advertisements.
  • Tips for better drinking habits include knowing your alcohol amounts, drinking slowly, eating, self-control, and reflection.

“Women usually welcome news that the gender gap in pay or leadership positions is closing. But lately we’ve been learning that women are also gaining parity in another respect: alcohol consumption. A new study from researchers at the National Institutes of Health indicates that the rate of drinking in general, and binge drinking in particular, is rising faster among women ages 60 or older than among their male contemporaries.”

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