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As a person’s health declines, so does the person’s ability to move.  My parents had a walk- in shower in their home which worked very well for them at first.   They did not have to step over the side of a tub to get a shower.  The side of a tub presents a real problem to older people and it did for my mother when she had to come live with me.  Gradually, they became unsteady on their feet and experienced dizziness in the shower.  The addition of a shower chair with adjustable legs helped them feel more secure in the shower.  We used the Carex adjustable bath bench because it had a large seat area.

They could now sit down and shower with the aid of a hand held shower that hooked into the shower seat. they still were able to bath by themselves.  As time went on my father became too uncomfortable in the shower because of the spraying water that he started to take sponge baths at the bathroom sink.  He then became bed ridden and had to be bathed in bed.  My mother followed a similar progression except that we used a transfer bench when she moved to my house because both my bathrooms had tubs.  The transfer bench worked well because she could just sit down outside the tub and then swing her legs over the tub side and then slide further into the tub.  The transfer bench worked until she could not go up the stairs to the bathroom.  She then started taking sponge baths until she too became confined to bed.

When bathing in bed, I found the No-Rinse products to be indispensable.  My parents were fairly immobile which made using a shampoo basin impossible.

I used both the liquid shampoo and body bath at first and later I used the shampoo caps and body wipes when moving them became more difficult.  I also would recommend the use of open back hospital type gowns.  When people are unable to move or be moved, these gowns make dressing so much easier.  I was able to change gowns easily after accidents and baths.  When giving a bath became easier, I was able to do it more often.  I really think that it made my parents feel better after they were bathed and given a clean, fresh gown to wear.

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  • Julie G October 24, 2011, 12:05 PM

    My parents too have gone through troubles with showering. We also purchased them a show chair and hand held shower. This is still working okay for them at the present time along with some shower handles for them to hold onto when standing up or sitting down in the bath tub. I don’t think people realize how many great products are available today to help them with these and other everyday tasks. A lot of these products would keep them more independent for a longer period of time. Great Article.

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