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Age defying 80-year-old personal trainer keeping older Americans in fighting shape

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This personal trainer is helping older Americans which is good for them. Just because they are older that doesn’t mean they should let themselves go as far as their fitness goes. If they work out they will stay healthier longer and will also be better able to cope with the physical affects of their age on their bodies.  The Carex Pedal Exerciser with Digital Display provides a fun and easy way to gently exercise your legs or arms.  There is no reason not to work out. If their health changes their routines could be curtailed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Getting older and physical decline can make you more vulnerable in our society.
  • There are people who are much older than the average person who is able to do strenuous exercise and have good strength.
  • Most likely it will be necessary to continue doing exercise into old age.

“Getting older in our society doesn’t earn you any kind of respect from thugs; all it does far too often is simply make you more of a target because young punks think you’re a pushover.”

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