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Accepting a New, Unfamiliar Mental Illness Diagnosis

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IT all started when Priscilla Vasquez went to a doctor with symptoms of feeling uninspired and restless. She was diagnosed with depression. She got a second opinion and was still diagnosed with depression. She was hesitant of taking the depression medication, but once she did she felt a little bit better but stopped whenever she realized that she was desensitized to movies causing emotion. After seeing a therapist it was determined that she was bipolar. Priscilla finally accepted it and wished she would have a long time ago.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sometimes people may be misdiagnosed with depression when actually they are bipolar
  • Accepting a diagnosis such as a mental illness, including being bipolar is difficult
  • It is crucial to seek help from a professional, be it therapy or medication to improve your life

“I went from thinking depression wasn’t something I could have, to hitting close to the bottom, to rejecting my bipolar diagnosis, to turning a new leaf and accepting it all.”

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