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9 Ways to Reduce Anger in Dementia

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Anger is a common problem in seniors with Dementia. Understanding the cause of these flare ups helps combat them. The anger is normally frustration due to increase complexity of what used to be simple tasks. Helping a senior with Dementia starts by understanding their limits and reducing the complex decisions. Try to slow down from your fast pace and keep the surrounding environment calm and quiet. Try to focus on a routine and adjust life to set the senior up for success.

Key Takeaways:

    • Seniors with dementia are likely to get easily frustrated and stressed when they don’t understand something.
    • Dementia affects the ability to function in the world and not being able to do simple tasks are most frustrating.
    • The best thing for dementia patients is to rely on routine, treat them with respect, and accept their limitations.

“Sometimes it seems like seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia get angry at the drop of a hat.”

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