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6 Ways to Advocate for Seniors and Provide Support During a Hospital Stay

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Hospital stay can be painful and at best scary for many persons and even for seniors. That is why one should provide seniors with extra support after a hospital stay or after an emergency such as having an operation. Giving them extra support or advocacy would reduce the risk of their having delirium as well as help them to recover quickly. The author then provides six ways care givers can help their seniors while they are in the hospital along with practical suggestions. The first help is to stay with them and visit them as often as possible. This is a source of great comfort to them because they know that family and friends will be there for them when they need help. Some of the activities one can engage in is to sit with them quietly, play music with them, or read books aloud to them. Another suggestion is to advocate for them and to monitor them. It is noted that mistakes can happen in hospitals as to medications. So, when the care giver is around, these mistakes can be few. Other tips and suggestions are included in the blog.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many seniors find hospital stay confusing and scary so the author recommends that after a senior is seriously ill at the hospital, they need extra support at the hospital.
  • One of the ways to advocate for seniors is for one to stay with them and then pay them visits as frequently as possible.
  • The senior might not be prone to do much after a hospital stay but some low key activities might include listening to music and sitting quietly together.

“Having an advocate, emotional support, and extra assistance reduces the risk of common complications like delirium and can help speed up their recovery.”

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