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5 Ways Animals Play an Important Role in Mental Health

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Animals can be way more than just pets. There is significant evidence of people with physical disabilities being helped with therapy animals. Kate describes five ways that animals can play such an important role. The first included unconditional love. Sometimes owners get upset with their animal, but the animal doesn’t love their owner any less ever. Second, they never talk back which means that they are extraordinary listeners. Third, animals can pickup on emotional cues. They can feel sadness of their owners which will cause them to be comforting. Fourth includes no judgement. Animals see you for how you are and don’t think badly about you just because you might smell one day. Finally fifth, having an animal teaches responsibility. Having responsibility is important for mental health even if it means just getting out of bed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many animals, especially dogs, will give humans their unconditional love and attention.
  • Pets can tell when humans are not having a good day, and help them feel better.
  • A pet gives the owner someone other than them self to think about and care for.

“Animals have this innate ability to tell when you are having a bad day and then respond to it appropriately.”

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