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3 Tips for Managing a Toxic Relationship With Your Parents as an Adult

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Kimberly Wetherell has dealth with toxic people her entire life. She noticed that whenever she read about ways to know if your significant other is toxic that all the ways related to her parents. She realized that reading all of these signs that she should walk away. Walking away isn’t something so simple especially whenver it is your own parents. Kimberly realized that she didn’t have to have a relationship with her parents if she didn’t want one. For Kimberly it is tough dealing with parents who no longer are healthy for her life.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you do not want to have a relationship with your parents, you do not have to have one.
  • You should be in control of all conversations, from phone to email to in person.
  • Keep conversations short and practical until you are ready for more.

“Parents, empirically, are supposed to nurture you, keep your best interests in mind and protect you from the outside world.”

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