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28 Signs You Grew Up With an Invisible Illness

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Invisible illnesses are conditions patients have that are not obvious when looking at them. Often people with an invisible illness face a lot of prejudice; others accuse them of faking, lying or exaggerating their illness. People just don’t fully understand what patients with invisible illnesses are going through. Just because you cannot see a person’s illness doesn’t mean they don’t have one. Just because a person looks OK doesn’t mean that they’re feeling OK. Invisible illnesses often have no cure and patients need to take medication for the rest of their lives to help control and manage the symptoms.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is difficult to diagnose young children with invisible illnesses because they don’t know what feels “normal.”
  • It is common for children with invisible illnesses to miss a lot of school
  • Fatigue is common in children with invisible illnesses, but is often ignored by adults.

“Even if you haven’t been officially diagnosed, the health struggles you’ve had in adulthood might cause you to look back on your childhood and realize your journey with chronic illness goes back further than you thought.”

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