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Creativity, Eldercare, and Caregiving: Are they related?

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If you are a caregiver for the elderly you do need to be creative sometimes so they are related in many ways. There are many problems faced by aging people. Some are physical and some are emotional. Creativity can help ease these. You need innovative ways to deal with these issues. You might have to

Grandparents with Dementia: Take Charge

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Dementia sets in when certain people grow old. It is hard to deal with. Confusion comes with it. People who have it need to be cared for and this can be hard on family members, but if they are not it is dangerous. Dementia patients can get hurt because they don't understand what's going on.

Why Do Our Bodies Need Electrolytes?

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You hear a lot about electrolytes, but if yu are like most people, you do not put a lot of thought into it. But, it is time to change that because electrolytes are very important to your body, and provide ample benefits. Exactly what are electrolytes, and why are they so important for you to

Deep breathing leads to stress relief, researchers find

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Neurons can lead to stress relief. A study found a link between specific neurons, breathing and certain states of mind, including relaxation. Deep in the brain the same cluster of specific neurons communicate with locus coeruleus, the area that calms and awakes us. Researchers believe, after finding in animals, that calm breathes trigger communications between

Study: Improving health and wellbeing of adolescents could bring 10-fold economic benefit

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Healthy people are more productive, especially at an early age. This piece explains the great benefit of getting our younger people on the right diet, so they can become better contributors to society. Good educational programs should follow, to help our 10-19 year olds. Written by people in Australia, this problem is worldwide. All parents