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6 Things That Helped Relieve My Fibromyalgia-Related Dry Eye

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Learn how to work with your doctor to get the best treatment and find out which fibromyalgia treatments work best, including those that target muscle pain and trigger points, help with sleep problems and depression, or help manage stress and anxiety. Physical therapy techniques aim to improve your range of motion and strengthen the muscles.

To the People Who Wake Up Feeling Everything

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Pull out a notepad and write, write, write. Write down everything swirling around in your brain. Like, things you need to get done, tasks to be completed, details you don’t want to miss, appointments you can’t forget and projects that are on your mind. This massive brain dump is cathartic. All those thoughts and ideas

28 Signs You Grew Up With an Invisible Illness

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Invisible illnesses are conditions patients have that are not obvious when looking at them. Often people with an invisible illness face a lot of prejudice; others accuse them of faking, lying or exaggerating their illness. People just don’t fully understand what patients with invisible illnesses are going through. Just because you cannot see a person’s

34 Things Only People With Brain Fog Will Understand

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It starts with something you can brush off: the standard where in this enormous mall parking lot did I leave the damn car?! Happens to everyone, no big deal, a brain fart. Until you realize it wasn’t just today at the mall; you’ve somehow spent most of your week feeling as if you’ve made major

How Freelancing Helps Me Accept My Depression

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Society doesn't allow or condone the lost man-hours caused by depression. Depression forces otherwise onto otherwise productive workers an inability to work. This isn't everyday mind you but these lost days are not elective. Society, unfortunately would view this loss of productivity as laziness. It's not. The schedule of a freelancer allows those suffering from

20 Relatable Movies for People Who Live With Anxiety

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Anyone who suffers from anxiety will be able to relate to these movies. They are good because of how they handle the subject. Anxiety is hard to deal with because it interferes with different aspects of life. It can make dealing with people harder. It can make getting simple errands done harder. Watching these movies