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10 Easy-to-Grow Plants for First-Time Gardeners

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Gardening is known to reduce stress and help with Alzheimer’s. You can find easy to grow plants that fit your personality. There are a range of hard to kill plants that are great for first time gardeners. If you are looking for beauty you should look into pansies are marigolds. If you want to eat

Talking Points from the White House Conference on Aging

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The White House sponsored a conference on aging this past July. Some on the recommendations are one we know and have confidence in the history. The aging population is encouraged to continue to exercise and stay connected with family and friends. Other options include maintaining a healthy diet. Keeping your home up to date or

Bayer gets FDA priority review for blood cancer drug

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The FDA will be checking out this drug as a treatment for blood cancer. Since this is a problem for many it will help to have a treatment. The FDA makes sure a drug is safe enough before releasing it for everyone to use. They also find out which other drugs can interact and what

Senior-Friendly Technology for Caregivers

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There is now a smart watch for everyone. Yes that includes Grandmom and Granddad. Research clearly shows that these devices helps to keep busy people, from the harried housewife to the busy working mom on track. The smart watch can monitor your home, exercise schedule and also your medication regiment. There is a gentle beep

Weight loss tied to lower risk of knee joint degeneration

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It makes a lot of sense that weight loss would protect your knee joints from degeneration because if you weigh less you won't have as much to carry around. Your knees won't be taxed as heavily. If you are worried about your knees you should look into a routine for weight loss. This can include

Motivated Caregiving

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Being a caregiver is one of the hardest jobs on the planet. Staying motivated and focused on caring for others drains you as you are always giving. Take some time and give to yourself so that you do not burn out. Something as simple as a walk or laughing with a friend can help motivate